About Us

Providing Superheroes for Kids Parties since 1999

marvel's stan lee poses with hero's hulk and spider man
Costumed characters from Hero’s pose with Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee

Hero’s was started by Peter Collins, a prop maker for Hollywood movies such as The Fifth Element, Starship Troopers, Air Force One, Titanic and Black Panther.

From Hollywood Props to Superhero Costumes

It all started when Peter, a die hard comic book fan, decided to dress as Batman to surprise his son with his favorite superhero for his 5th birthday.

Never one to settle for just throwing on a store bought costume, Peter used his extensive artistic skills to create a detailed Tim Burton era “bat suit” and converted a Dodge Daytona into a Batmobile. He then enlisted his cousin Sean, a former gymnast, to disrupt the party as The Joker so Batman could come to the rescue. They choreographed a full blown action scene like you see in the movies.

Everyone loved it! Peter’s son had no idea this was his dad. In the imagination of the 5 year old, Batman had come to his party. The party guests were so impressed they kept telling Peter he needed to start a business.  Within months Hero’s was born! …And that’s how you MAKE a MEMORY!

Innovators and Originators

HERO’S has provided Superhero costumed characters for parties and special events since 1999. As comic book fans we provide the widest variety of superhero and super-villain characters. We specialize in detailed custom made or enhanced costumes. Not only can you have your favorite superhero at your party or event for meet and greets, photos ops, games, prizes and hero training, you can enhance your experience with our specialty – an action-packed live stunt show! Your superheroes battle the super-villains of your choice! We even have a special class of superheroes who can come to the rescue in their themed cars! We are the originators and innovators of this special brand of party entertainment and still nobody does it quite like us!

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